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Retail Industry Threatened by… Online Brand Abuse: Case Studies

The retail industry is one of the most targeted sectors by cyber-criminals, and for obvious reasons: it holds on to a large amount of data, handles money and represents a seemingly endless line of businesses to steal from.

date:  June 21, 2017

Have the Right Security Strategy

Information is a core asset to any business, and cyber-criminals know this. Your organisation needs to have a well thought out security strategy in place, to protect your most valuable assets.

date:  August 17, 2016

Trademarks are Crucial in Identifying and Protecting Your Brand Online

A trademark is a word, symbol or design (or a combination of these) used to distinguish the goods or services of a person or organisation from those of others in the marketplace. Your trademark, often called your brand, is your identity. It is how you show your customers who you are.

date:  August 03, 2016

Cybersquatting – Into the Future – Part 4

In our last three blog articles, we’ve discussed Cybersquatting and Typosquatting and the issues it can cause for businesses. So what does the future hold for Cybersquatting in the following months, and years? Before we look forward, let’s take a look back at how domain names have evolved over the past few decades.

date:  May 18, 2016

Cybersquatting – Domain Name Disputes – Part 3

In previous articles, we have talked about the fact that multiple domain names can be registered by either cyber-criminals or legitimate businesses, to prevent others from using them. But what happens when the domain name that has already been registered is one you want to use for your new business, or it is actually in conflict with your trademark?

date:  May 11, 2016

Cybersquatting - Typosquatting – Part 2

Previously, we talked about Cybersquatting (or Domain Squatting) and the fact that not all cybersquatting is malicious. Sometimes the domain names are just similar to other companies from across the world.

date:  May 04, 2016

Cybersquatting - What is it? – Part 1

It’s easy to think of Domains as something you own; however, this is incorrect, as domains are rarely owned. Therefore, the concept of domains being a tradeable commodity is inherently a flawed one. Most domains are rented temporarily from a central agency, for a few years at a time. This has lead to some unethical behaviour. In this article we wanted to...

date:  April 27, 2016

Presenting FraudWatch International’s Mobile Apps Protection

An increasing number of companies are providing their customers with the ability to use mobile applications (Apps) to access their online accounts. Mobile Apps are available from trusted stores (such as Apple’s iTunes, or Android’s Google Play), some not so trusted marketplaces, and also from websites on the internet.

date:  April 13, 2016

Presenting FraudWatch International’s Pharming Protection

Pharming attacks are sophisticated cyber-attacks which consist of a combination of phishing, malware and DNS poisoning. The browser address bar correctly displays the destination URL, however the internet traffic is diverted unknowingly to a destination that has the same look and feel as the legitimate URL, but is a malicious copy.

date:  March 16, 2016

Google Safe Browsing

Google Safe Browsing is a service offered by Google that provides lists of URLs for websites that contain malware or phishing content. This is known as a Blacklist. The Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox web browsers all use the Google Safe Browsing blacklist to check pages for potential threats.

date:  March 09, 2016
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