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MacRansom Threatens Mac Users

Early this month, researchers started publishing warnings about a new, free, macOS-based 'Ransomware as a Service' (RaaS) which has recently emerged. The Mac specific ransomware has been dubbed 'MacRansom'.

date:  June 29, 2017

Beware of “Judy”, the Latest Android Mobile App Malware

In late May 2017, security researchers discovered Android malware in around 50 apps which were available on the Google Play Store.

date:  June 14, 2017

WannaCry Ransomware Attack: A Breakdown

What is it?

date:  May 18, 2017

Insights from APWG’s 4th Quarter 2016

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is the worldwide coalition unifying the global response to cyber-crime across industry, government and law-enforcement sectors. The information in this article is a description of what is trending, according to APWG recently published Phishing Activity Trends Report for 4th Quarter 2016.

date:  April 05, 2017

Learn How to Avoid IoT Threats!

Every aspect of our lives is becoming 'Internet-ready" and last week, we detailed some of the devices hackers have been able to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to steal our information or spy on us.

date:  March 29, 2017

Latest IoT Cyber-Threats Trends

The Internet of Things (IoT) is now a sign of the times. We have digitally connected devices all around us – at work, in our cars and homes, and even on our bodies. With the arrival of IPv6 and the wide use of Wi-Fi networks, IoT is expanding at a rapid rate. Researchers estimate that by 2020, the number of active wireless connected devices will be in...

date:  March 22, 2017

Defending Against a Scareware Attack

In last week's blog article, we discussed what scareware was and what it could do to your computer. In this article, our experts at FraudWatch International provide an insight into how to spot a scareware attack, the steps you can take if you think you have been a victim of an attack, and also handy tips on defending against an attack.

date:  March 15, 2017

What is… Scareware?

What is it?

date:  March 08, 2017

How Does the Trickbot Malware Works

Last week, we talked about a new banking Trojan, called TrickBot, that is plaguing banks all around the world, including the US, UK and Australia. In this article, we will take in inside look at how the Trojan works.

date:  March 01, 2017

Trickbot Malware: Beware of this New Banking Trojan!

In September 2016, researchers at Fidelis Cybersecurity discovered a new malware bot dubbed TrickBot or "TrickLoader" by its authors. They found that it had a lot in common with the infamous Dyre banking Trojan. Not only was the loader similar, but the code itself was very familiar, suggesting that some of the original Dyre authors also helped to bring...

date:  February 22, 2017
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