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Beware of Woolworths Gift Card Scams

DON'T BE FOOLED by a recent email scam offering Woolworth's customers a $2000 gift card.

date:  September 14, 2017

Case Study: Retail Industry Threatened by… Phishing

Phishing remains one of the biggest cyber-threat criminals are using in order to access a company’s most valuable assets – their clients. Black hats continue to send phishing campaigns to steal consumers details and this rings especially true for the retail industry.

date:  September 07, 2017

Chrome Extension Hijacking – how did it happen?

On multiple occasions in recent weeks, Chrome browser extension developers lost control of their code, when hackers infiltrated the Google Chrome Web Store used to deploy updates to users.

date:  August 30, 2017

Ransomware Protection: Security Tips to Lessen Your Chances of Falling Victim – Part 2

As discussed in our previous article, small steps such as backing up files, using antivirus software, installing updates and always being security conscious can minimize the risks of users being infected with ransomware. In this week's article, we provide security tips for business that can be used to minimize the threat of ransomware attacks.

date:  August 16, 2017

Ransomware Protection: Security Tips to Lessen Your Chances of Falling Victim – Part 1

With the recent WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks that crippled thousands of organisations around the world, FraudWatch International felt it was worthwhile to recap some of the steps both individuals and businesses can take to protect against ransomware attacks. In this week’s article, we will detail some of the areas consumers can look at.  Next...

date:  August 10, 2017

Cyber-Criminality: Why Do Hackers Love Targeting Universities?

A recent spate of attacks have again highlighted that Universities are a prime target for cyber-criminals. Universities across the US as well as in the UK have reported multiple data breaches (some claiming to have been attacked up to 50 times) in the last 6-12 months and there is no sign of these attacks slowing down.

date:  July 05, 2017

UAE, the GCC region and the importance of increasing Phishing Awareness!

According to a recent survey conducted with users of Dubizzle, Dubai's leading free classifieds website, 36% of respondents had never heard of the term 'phishing scam'. The remaining 64% were aware of the term, but a quarter of them did not know what it meant.

date:  June 07, 2017

Phishing for Influence: When Hackers Meddle in Politics

Every computer, whether used for personal or business reasons is susceptible to attacks from cyber-criminals. Political, personal and financial fraud are the three main reasons for these attacks.

date:  May 11, 2017

Insights from APWG’s 4th Quarter 2016

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is the worldwide coalition unifying the global response to cyber-crime across industry, government and law-enforcement sectors. The information in this article is a description of what is trending, according to APWG recently published Phishing Activity Trends Report for 4th Quarter 2016.

date:  April 05, 2017

Learn How to Avoid IoT Threats!

Every aspect of our lives is becoming 'Internet-ready" and last week, we detailed some of the devices hackers have been able to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to steal our information or spy on us.

date:  March 29, 2017
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